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01. Aroma. 02. Ojo por ojo. 03. Hacer nada. 04. Todo o nada. 05. Muérdago.
06. Algodón. 07. En el calor de la noche. 08. Verdades a medias. 09. Nunca es tarde. 10. Lunático.
11. Tres. 12. Excusas. 13. Sur. 14. Velas. 15. A propósito.
16. Tren. 17. Conspiración. 18. Duelo. 19. Amargo. 20. Reincidir.
21. Audífonos. 22. Ciudad vacía. 23. En el suelo. 24. Atrapado/a. 25. Posesivo/a.
26. Dragón. 27. Distintivo. 28. En equipo. 29. Envidia. 30. Rutina.

New Fandom
natalie dormer
I shouldn't have, I know I shouldn't have, but I totally gave up and ended up watching Agent's of SHIELD and I liked it. So yeah, count me in, new fandom, here I come.

This won't do, I know it won't, but I was weak and.... oh whatever, agents are nice. Btw, Skye reminds me of Darcy so freaking much it's kinda scary. 

Before the (wedding) march

Title: Before the (wedding) march
Pairing: Xavi Hernández/Iker Casillas
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is pure fiction.
Notes: Xavi is really going to marry this Saturday (13/07) and Iker is really going to have a baby (we'll, the one who's carrying the kid is Sara but you get the point. Due date is either December or January, with babies it's hard to tell, they tend to get born whenever they want) everything else is just me needing to be angsty.

Btw, according to media Iker won't be there because he's not at Spain currently D:

| The simplest stroke is a swell of the ocean
The slightest caress a well of emotion. |

[t.A.T.u. - A Simple Motion]

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The wake of goodbye (Messilla)

Title: The wake of goodbye
Claim: David Villa/Lionel Messi
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Fiction, but they do exist.
Notes: David Villa will join Atlético de Madrid for the upcoming season (that's official). My Messilla heart is shattered and yet I'm hopeful, I was fearing he'd leave for England and he didn't, this will only add angst to my OTP.

| The future haunts with memories
That I could never have. |

[Love Song Requiem - Trading Yesterday]

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Barça crest
Perder es jodido, aún así aquí seguiré al pie del cañon por el Barça que me ha enseñado tantas cosas.

No podría avergonzarme nunca de los colores que ahora defiendo. Nunca. 

Gift for MC
I do hope you like this one :D

In theory it's a Belle fanmix but somehow there are songs that work for Rumbelle as well. Yeah, I know, the songs did everything, I just let them be xD

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Gift for Angie

Title: Promise held in time.
Characters: Regina Mills. Henry Mills. Emma Swan. Neal Cassidy & Mr. Gold.
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1501 words
Notes: I'm probably skipping all the chronological frames within OUAT, I'm sorry. I was trying to figure out how would Regina react to Neal's presence as Henry's father (in a headcanon of mine where Regina is double crossing Cora) in Storybrooke and thus this was born.

I do hope you like it. Also, I can't for the life of me write a decent title, I'm really, really sorry for that.


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Fanmix for Rebecca
I'm sorry this is kinda angsty!!! I firmly believe Neal and Emma to be endgame but I don't really expect them to have a happy ending right away, I mean, there were so many things, so many years, so many things they didn't get to say... I don't know, I'm trying to justify the fact that I don't seem to have happy music in my playlist xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Sorry. Hope you'll like this *bites lip nervously*

This mix was heavily influenced by "Manhattan", my bad.

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Minimix for Kadie.
For my fellow Swan Kadie :D
I really do hope you like this Mad Swan minimix. The theme this one supposedly follows is the amount of UST between them.

I regret nothing. They're to blame.


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Challenge: Episode Mix (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter 1x07)
I was about to give up this one because there is already a mix for this episode, but yeah, whatever, I've already wasted time and effort on this one so what the hell? 

I didn't want to focus on the Emma/Graham thing so I went along choosing songs I thought appropriate for the different moments. I wanted to keep a bit of the depressive vibe, though. My bad, it doesn't really help that most of my playlist should go under the "Songs to make you cry buckets" or something.

 Huge thanks to Picmonkey, I would have done a crappy job without it *hugs*

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